Why I Became A Writer…

Unlike other jobs out there today, I chose to become a writer for various reasons. I’m going to make this post, short & simple.

  1. Imagination: I have and always had a wild imagination. I can obtain an idea from anywhere at anytime. Even in my dreams, I come up with scenarios and characters.
  2. Silence: It silences my brain. Not that I don’t want to be around people, the silence keeps my mind focused.
  3. Weather: I’m not a good person to work outdoors. I don’t do well with extreme cold or heat. Yes, I’m spoiled.
  4. Bosses: I don’t have to deal with nagging or rude bosses. I don’t have anyone standing over my shoulder.
  5. Breaks: I can take a break anytime I want.
  6. Censorship/PC: I don’t have to focus on tip-toeing around others or worry that I’ll offend people.
  7. Bathroom: I can use the bathroom anytime I want.
  8. Kids: I can stay at home with my kids. I get to see their minds expand. And I can help them with their homework.
  9. Creating: I enjoy my characters. Sometimes, I’d rather live with them and escape the real world. I get to pick out different personalities and expound on diversity. I enjoy the characters I have now.
  10. Health Reasons: This is the only job that works with my autoimmune & mental health disorders. I don’t receive death stares, when it’s time to take my medications. Some of my medications force me to fall asleep.

I didn’t choose to become a writer for fame or money. Let’s be realistic, writers don’t make a ton of money. If you choose to become a writer, realize that you’ll be broke. There are over a million writers out there today. The chances of your book making it big, are slim to none. This isn’t a glamorous job. Quite frankly, the money or lack of money, sucks. If you believe you’re going to become the next Rowling, King, Rice, or James, think again. This is also a cutthroat business. If you believe other writers won’t fuck you over, think again. You can have all the writing degrees in the world, but if you don’t have an imagination, you’re fucked. There are so many well-written stories but they lack in imagination. There are so many great imaginative stories but they’re terribly written. I, for one, am not a great writer. I never claimed to be. I’m a decent one but not one of the greats. When I think of the greats, I think of Tolstoy, Poe, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Tolkien, the Bronte sisters, Woolf, Angelou, Twain, etc… I could never compete with them and won’t even try.

Another thing that pisses me off… when writers say they aren’t readers. Why are you in this, if you don’t read books? You can gain so many new words and see how other writers, write. Don’t join this profession, if you hate to read. Guess what, you’re going to re-read all your drafts non-stop. It boggles my mind that writers refuse to read other books! That’s insanity to me.

This doesn’t bother me as much, but it still bugs me. Writers who only read in one certain type of genre. Putting yourself in this box, tells me you’re inflexible. And to be honest, not many writers understand their chosen genres. You wrote a Fantasy, when it should be Sci-Fi. I hate limits and boxes. I choose to read everything. Even if I know it’s boring, I’ll still read it anyway. Writers need to get their hands on everything. Explore a genre that you aren’t familiar with. Expand your horizons. Don’t limit yourself as a writer.

As a writer, I detest time travel. It leaves too many plot holes. Very few authors understand how to write it. You leave more questions than answers. Why can’t the other characters time travel? It drives me nuts! But I’ll read them anyway. I’ll be the asshole, who points out questions with your time travel. That way you can return and correct your mistakes. Expect to earn a low-rating from me, if you use time travel as your literary device and don’t establish why the others can’t time travel. That’s me being honest, the blunt bitchy writer.

Anyway, these are just a few things that irritate me as a writer. You can tell me to fuck off. I’m just being me and I’m honest.


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