Shifting From Dark Fantasy to Epic

Dark Fantasy, someone has to die and it’s normally told from the antagonist’s point of view. That’s the gist of everything. It’s the opposite of Paranormal Romance. At the end of the series, nobody is happy and there really isn’t a suitable conclusion.

Epic Fantasy, I always took it that it had to mean something of the scope of Lord of The Rings. Here are some of my valid reasons to switch from Dark Fantasy to Epic Fantasy.

  1. Slow storytelling. It takes me a long time to get to the end of the story. I enjoy well-thought out characters. I don’t want to feel like I’ve been sucker punched.
  2. I have eight main characters. That means my story is told by eight different characters but not all in one book. Even though Bram Stoker wrote multi characters in first person and in one book, Dracula. I’m not that confident of a writer, to pull that one, off. I opted to make an entire book on one main character at a time. That is how I prefer to read books. I can read multi point of views in one novel but by the time I get to the middle of the story, I don’t want to read it anymore. But anyway, I love my eight main characters. They are here to stay.
  3. With a large number of main characters, I also have an enormous cast of characters. I already have at least seventy-five characters in one large series. Not to mention, I have to kill a ton of those characters and replace certain characters. Kill your darlings, right?
  4. Heavy word counts. Yeah, I knocked it out of the park on that one. Even though book 1 is at a whopping 50,358 words, my other novels are way over that amount. Book 2, doubles it. Book three, will probably triple book one’s word count.
  5. I have a Viking, a pirate, a jester, and various other archetypes. I am writing a fantasy about three feminine lead characters. Even though the main story s about them, I still have to include the masculine characters. I also have vampires, fairies, angels, werewolves… etc.
  6. Dragons, oh my! The dragons will make their entrance soon enough. They won’t be on a large-scale, though. It will be on a short scale.
  7. I do have swords and magic. I also have guns. The guns are a pain to reload in a fantasy. My characters have opted for their swords and magic.
  8. I have multiple fantasy settings and will continue to switch fantastical worlds.
  9. I do have an orphan and one “almost” orphaned girl. Actually, I’ll have three orphaned girls by the time this series is completed.
  10. There will be more action and especially, adventure further down the line. Instead of the current stories being dominated by masculine characters, mine will be dominated by feminine characters. It’s about time. I believe I can direct different types of women in one genre. You have the tomboy, the diva, headstrong, questionable, etc. They will range from sixteen on up to over thousands of years. It can and will be done. Don’t worry, I won’t emasculate the opposite sex. There will be a gender war at some point. If you get a group of headstrong women together, anything is possible.
  11. Easy magic system. I can’t say what it is.
  12. The portal travel isn’t insane and quite easy to understand.
  13. Absolutely, no time travel allowed. I have something else to replace time travel. I did take the classic scientific/Steampunk approach to my series.
  14. Time… this series is taking a ton of time to complete. But I do love my series.
  15. A ton of complicated plots. I purposely left gaps in certain areas that other novels will fill in. I have at least three main plots going on. I have countless subplots going on, too. I love a complicated and dynamic series.
  16. Because, I can and I will see this project through.It’s about time, we have some feminine ass kickers. I’m sure there are other series with dominant women but I’m sick of seeing the classic line of the damsel in distress. We need more relatable women in the fictional realm. I wouldn’t let some bad person, beat the crap out of me. I would fight back and have fought back in my past. I’m a strong woman. I’m stronger than what I give myself credit for. I fought hard to make it this far. I believe I can do it, without being demeaning to the men. I have a perfect solution to what happens to my masculine characters in the future. I can’t say what because when shit goes down, it will be terrible for all the characters. Remember, some of these men already are or will become dads. When they rip a child away from a loving father, it will become a war of epic proportion.
  17. I’m throwing everything at you, including the damn kitchen sink. Romance, sure! Sci-Fi, sure! Fantasy, hell yeah! Paranormal, fuck yeah! This means everything is going down. Dystopia, Utopia, Mystery, Romance Erotica, etc. It’s coming at you like a fastball.


This is exactly why, I believe my series belongs in epic fantasy. I plan on keeping it there and I’ll fight alongside my characters to keep it there. Go big… or go fucking home.


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