ARCS With a Vengeance

I’ve been nailed with a ton of ARCS (advanced review copies of books) the last couple of weeks. It’s nice to be the giver instead of the receiver of book reviews. How do you say to a publisher, I didn’t like the book? It’s completely messed up and wrong! But, you do it anyway because honesty is the best policy or some kind of trite thing to say.

The last four books I read, I was immersed with rich language and I didn’t want to put the book down, when it was over. Three were from debut authors that I deeply loved and had the wind knocked out of me. Those books were really fucking good. So good, I could imagine a movie coming from them. The fifth ARC, I’m currently reading, it has made my stomach churn. Not even off the twelve page and I already listed thirteen things wrong with the book. Make that fourteen now. I’m halfway through this book and my stomach is tied in knots. I’m literally disgusted with this ARC. I hate this ARC with a passion. I’m trying to find the good parts about it and I can’t find any.

Anyway, I plan on finishing these 40 something ARCS and seriously write my own books. The book I’m reading now, man… I know I can write way better than that. It isn’t to toot my own horn or anything. There’s just so many unanswered questions. It isn’t one of those joyous reads that make you feel something great. It leaves a curdle feeling in the pit of your stomach. How can anyone say it was well-written, when it isn’t? Wrong word selections and it jumbles up past and present tense. It’s poorly written and I can’t believe a publisher would risk money on that tripe. Maybe I’m overly judgmental and cruel. One minute the writer uses says (which is present tense) and then she flips it to said (which is past tense). It’s driving me up a fucking wall. Pick a tense and stay in it!

And lately, the current trend is time-hopping. Poorly labeled chapters and lazy named chapters of “then” and “now.” Yes, “then” and “now” as a chapter heading. I hate this tactic and ploy. It’s a trend! Just write the fucking book from start to finish! I don’t remember Agatha Christie writing time skips like this! This is the second book of “then” and “now.” Some writers can pull it off… others, it was a fucking mess from start to finish. I see this as a common theme with mystery and I hate it! Whoever thought this would be a good theme to do… it is annoying.

When will I return to my own world? I don’t know. I have to finish these ARCS and the dozens of books that’s already flashing on my Goodreads that I’m supposed to be currently reading. I’m sorry, Harriet Beecher Stowe. I’m stuck with today’s fiction and it is a world that either produces great novels or the novels, you want to erase from your mind. Incest is a very difficult theme for me to read. I hate it and I don’t care to read about it. It’s left me feeling sick to my stomach. I can’t put my finger on it, I just don’t care for it.

I’m trying to return to my own fictional characters. I miss them but we need a break. I’m 25,000 words in and it is epic fantasy. So, expect it to be a long book anyway. I have so many things to cover in book 4, it will take a while. My readers seem to want the first two books back together again. So, after I finish book 4, I will be rejoining books 1 and 2. After all, it is epic. It’s supposed to be a long book. I have to include world-building as much as I can. So, yes… it will be a while. But hang in there. In the meantime, go read other books. Flood your minds with other series. I’m slowly rebuilding my confidence after I allowed someone to take that power away from me. It won’t happen again.

I have a ton of cool things planned for my epic fantasy. I have a ton of battles to include, swords, sorcery, steam punk weapons and clothing, dragons, vampires, hellfire and brimstone, clouds, murder, and many intricate plots planned for my series. Expect sex. I didn’t want to include rape scenes but I had to go there. It isn’t a ploy tactic, it’s a destruction of two of my lead characters and I’ll rebuild them. If that didn’t happen, it wouldn’t give them the motivation to destroy their enemies. And boy, they have a ton of enemies flying at them. There will be a total of three rape scenes from the main story. I can’t get around it, even though I’ve tried. The story went there and I’m running with it. One is in book 3 which will be the new book 2. One is in the former book 4, which will be the new book 3. And one more… will be in the book I’m currently working on. She’s half in and half out of it. She doesn’t realize what she’s done until it was too late. I’m just trying to avoid writing about it, by reading other books. One thing I’ll never do… is go into graphic details about it. That is something, I won’t do. It just alludes to it. But what happens at the end of the current book… one of my main characters will be in deep shit. This is where shit gets thrown at my main characters. I’m throwing everything including the kitchen sink at them. This is proof that as a woman, you can survive the worst and still come out on top as a heroine. It’s just going to take me a while to get the girls from point A to point B. I’m a slow storyteller. The book I’m working on will be the downfall of my Team Enforcers. Everything will hit the fan. But, my girls will be transformed into strong women. When they get together… shit will hit the fan and they will be an unstoppable force.


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