Dear TWD, Grow Sutter’s Balls.

Do you know why I love Kurt Sutter so much? Because the man has balls. In fact, a huge pair. If you don’t know who Kurt Sutter is, he’s the one who created, wrote, and even starred in SOA, Sons of Anarchy. He played the character, Otto. Not to mention, Stephen King had a small role that was hilarious to me. Yes, the man is probably crazy but he knew what the fuck he was doing. He didn’t back down when the Parental Advisory Board came at him. “Your show is too graphic!” Sutter stuck two middle fingers up at them and still produced a pretty graphic show. Not to mention, he worked on The Shield and The Bastard Executioner. To settle his demons, he married the beautiful and talented Katey Sagal. You may remember her from Futurama, Married With Children, and various other shows. I get the man. I understand the message even though it did come off rough. Sutter is about to release a new show that focuses on the Mayans this trip. So, we’re shifting to a Latino show. About fucking time! Sutter, we miss you. Come back! The producer on TWD, doesn’t have a pair of balls anymore. Between Eli Roth and Kurt Sutter, they know their craft. They know how to feed us the violence, we’ve been missing in our lives. The Vikings seem pretty violent but not to the level of Sutter. I make Roth and Sutter the dual kings of violence.

What is happening to The Walking Dead? I believe their team has jumped the fucking gun on this one. Have you thought that maybe people stopped watching due to their favorite characters getting squashed? That’s the real reason, they stopped watching. There are no longer “Team Glenn” or “Team Abraham” shirts coming out. And for the Parental Advisory Board to come out and lecture adult programming is hideous. The Walking Dead was never made for a wholesome family show. Little Jane and Little Johnny weren’t meant to watch that show. Actually, they should be in bed for school. That’s why the show has always been aired late on Sunday nights. When will they stop monitoring other people’s kids? “But, Jen… the show is too graphic! They shouldn’t have shown that!” Um… have you watched Sons of Anarchy? Did you watch True Blood? How about the Vikings? Hey, I’ll even throw in Black Sails? Or even better, Outlander? You’re not used to watching violent shows? What rock did you crawl out of? Go back under your rock. Go watch the news, which has produced more violent shows over the years than any of these shows have. Go read the bible, which has violent passages. Yes, I’ll defend violent FICTIONAL shows.

Think how it would have been, if they bashed in Maggie’s head. The feminist groups would have come for The Walking Dead.

  1. You knew it was going to be a violent show. Did you miss the warning that scrolled on by, your television screens?
  2. It’s a show about the zombie apocalypse. Did you expect everyone to join hands and sing together?
  3. This is a show about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Deaths do happen. That’s true in everyday life. People shoot people. Did you expect them to hand gifts of love to each other?
  4. What part of “Mature Audience” only did you miss as that warning scrolled by?


“In this day and age, we don’t need violent shows!” Well, let me help you remove that tampon. What do you think other countries do? You know, where violence happens every day. You know, where kids are strapped with guns? If you want to complain, be blessed that you weren’t born in a country that knows violence all too well. Bombings, war, and the dead laying out in the street. They can’t shield their kids from that. I find it offensive that a Parental Board has the nerve to come at a show that has been and always will be geared towards adults. If you want to watch a show that doesn’t contain violence, may I suggest the Care Bears? How about Rainbow Bright? Let’s make it a sunshine and rainbows theme every day. Maybe Barney would help you out there. Do you need a hug?

As for the producers of The Walking Dead, you need a pair of balls like the ones, Kurt Sutter has. The man maybe demented and crazed, but we LOVE Sutter for it. He gives us, ADULTS what we need. I miss the man. And I can’t wait for his new show to air. Damn, we need someone who won’t back down from the censors. If Kurt ever raised up an army, I’m sure Stephen King and Eli Roth would be his generals. Hell, put me in the mix. My series isn’t meant for younglings either.

Sutter challenged me to go into that dark place. To pull out the worst nightmares. He challenged me to write some fucked up scenes for my series. Between him and King, I went there. I went to that dark place and pulled out some crazy ass shit. The level of violence starts in book 1, and I continue the path of destruction as my series progresses. Don’t expect my new book to be all happiness, lollipops, and rainbows. Shit gets serious in book 4. It will make people cry, what I have in store. This is a fear and a nightmare, written with power. What team would I want to be a part of, if a zombie apocalypse does happen? I want to be on Sutter, Roth, and King’s team. I’ll play with the men of evil, torture, and destruction. I may have ideas they never thought of using. My imaginary balls are in place. I sure as fuck, wouldn’t back down due to censorship.

I feel bad for the special effects team. They had special effects but now they’ve been castrated. They will no longer be allowed to show squashed heads or death scenes. They can’t use their creativity anymore like they used to. And that’s a shame! Way to go, producers and writers of The Walking Dead, now your show, has bored the rest of your loyal fans. They waited for violence. And now, we’re going to be stuck watching the Gummy Bears bouncing off the screen.

As for Kurt Sutter, please hurry up with your new show! We need more producers with balls. We know you have them. We missed your violence, demented beautiful mind, and your explosive scenes. We know, you will rejoin and make a powerful show this time. And this time, this girl plans on watching it from the start.




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