Epic Fantasy

I guess you could write it in one book, but what would be the point? The reason why I love this genre so much is because of its flexibility. I love fantasy in general. The entire genre is complex and offers many different avenues. There are so many sub-genres within fantasy itself. And I always look at people strangely, when they say they loathe fantasy. But I bet those same people have watched Lord of The Rings or Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe. Harry Potter also qualifies as fantasy. You hate fantasy? What!?! Have you lost your mind? “Well Star Wars is a fantasy!” Um… no it isn’t. It’s called a Space Opera, which it fits more with sci-fi. Which, I love sci-fi, except for one tiny problem. I hate time skips, jumps, or time turners, or stuff like that. Anything that deals with time, usually leaves big gaping plot holes.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy kind of feeds each other. It’s normal to have a little fantasy into sci-fi and sci-fi into fantasy. Not always does dystopian mean it has to be sci-fi. You can put it in fantasy, too. I always prefer a good fantasy novel. But I do love sci-fi as well. There’s so much you can do with aliens, it’s insane. Maybe it’s because fantasy is normally dominated with tough masculine characters like Conan the Barbarian. That’s normal for people to think of that, when fantasy pops into their heads. But when someone says they hate fantasy, I’m taken aback. It’s like a sucker punch to the gut. There’s a little fantasy in every book. It blows my mind how people can hate one genre of literature.

I won’t get into the sub-genres of fantasy because there are too many to list! I chose epic fantasy because it gives me that flexibility of switching each book into another main character. Sure, I could have put them all in one book but I hate head hopping. So, each one of my books, starts off with a new main character. Epic fantasy normally has a large cast of characters and multiple main characters. The plots are extremely complex and there are multiple plots. You can get away with a lot of shit in epic fantasy. It does carry some sci-fi elements to it. You can have a romance plot, a sci-fi plot, a personal plot, anything you want. They normally carry a high word count and multiple pages. It’s like being on a wild roller coaster. You have corkscrews, hills, dips, and drops. That’s why I love this sub-genre so much. You could have a plot that is a mystery, romance, sci-fi, and multiple other plots. Normally this is told in third person but you can write it in first person point of view. For a while there, I was writing my series in first person and in present tense. I found that writing in present tense is extremely difficult to do. I switched it all to past tense. I like putting humor in mine. Not the offensive type of humor. Just enough to make a person giggle. And when I’m dealing with my characters, they all have a pretty good sense of humor. I do giggle at some of the things, my characters have done/said. It helps with the dramatic scenes. When you lose one of them, it’s hard to handle. I sacrificed many characters. Book 4, was/is the hardest one to write because something major goes down. I have cried and lamented over this book. I feel evil when I have to do something to shake it up.

There are tense scenes that leave my characters calling each other vulgar names. When your character is pissed, they say whatever comes to mind. For the most part, I have plotted out my plot lines for every book. The only thing I don’t know is what my characters say or do. They do it themselves. I give them a scene and they run with it. I give them a topic that is going on in our world, they take it and show me how they handle it. I don’t know what I wrote until I go through the drafts. And then I’m blown away. I really wrote all that? This is the legal way of being insane and getting away with it.

How do I keep my characters in check? For the most part, I memorize all of my major and minor characters. I know all of my contagonists, triagonists, and who is a dirty bird. It may seem like I’ve left plots open but those are filled in with the next book or two books down the line. I memorize everything. It also helps to keep a journal nearby.

What are some of the plots I like to use? I like a good mystery thrown in, romance, sci-fi, steampunk, erotic scenes, humor, sword and sorcery, action, adventure, crime, and anything else I can think of. They aren’t my major plots. I have one major plot that carries over from novel to novel. I won’t say what my major plot is. I have two of them. People normally can guess the first plot but they struggle with the secondary main plot. Nobody has yet to confront me about the secondary main plot. They have confronted me over the first main plot. I just giggle. They think it’s going to go one way and it goes another route. And then they wind up hating this character with a passion. All I can say is… read my tagline. Study my tagline. If a literary agent asked me what my series is about, I would answer with one tagline. That would be the shortest synopsis or proposal ever. And it only contains six words. “What is your series about?” I tell them what it’s about in six words. “No, really… what is your series about?” No, really… six words. I giggle all the time about it. How could it be so simple? I believe writers make their synopsis harder than what it needs to be. You should be able to explain your novel in one sentence. I can explain my entire series in one sentence.

Even when I read these new releases or future releases, I can condense their book into one sentence. I guess that’s why I don’t bother reading the blurbs. Some authors love to write a lengthy blurb or none at all. I don’t bother with them or other reviews. I’ll decide for myself if I loved a book or not. Same with my series. If I figure that I’m doing the dreaded info dumps, I’ll cut that shit out. That is the major drawback of writing a series vs. a stand-alone. You have to explain shit from the previous book into the new book. And you have to make sure your timelines are just right. So many series have failed to have their timelines down. They can’t remember the months or the years, characters did shit. That’s the first thing you do, when you begin writing a series. You outline the entire timelines. I have my characters’ birthdays and when certain events happened.

Will I write another series? Yes. I have four other series planned after this series is completed. I just need to finish reading all the ARCS, I have downloaded. I always delete every ARC I have. This message will self-destruct. I don’t want another writer’s document on my computer or kindle any longer than I need it. I’ve read 17 ARCS. I’m about tapped out on reading. I still have 130 books left to read for the year. I still need to write my own series. Merge book 1 back together again and roll on. I’d like to have at least all the second drafts of my books done by the end of this year. Then I’ll do a massive edit. I’ll sit down and edit all the books at once and then release them. I should be passed April and I’ll retain the rights to my book. I don’t believe mine will ever be traditionally published. That’s okay, I can stick around with the self-published books. The problem, I need an editor. But I don’t want to pay someone who I can’t see eye to eye with. That’s like throwing your money away. I’ve already been through two editors. I’m beyond frustrated at this point. So, to keep my readers happy, I’ll keep posting my series on Wattpad. Wattpad gives me time to develop as a writer. I know my shit stinks. I don’t care to hear it or read my reviews. And I won’t put it up for sale without an editor. That’s like stealing people’s’ money. I don’t feel good about that. It needs to go through major edits by a professional editor before I stick it back on the shelf again. Many selfies love doing that, I can’t. My moral compass keeps me from doing that. And my illustrator has went MIA. So, I’m back to square one. All I can do is keep editing. And hope that one day, I can put my series up on that shelf again. I do have a theme song, playing in the background that only I can dream about.

Do I think it’s a great series? Yes! Is it something different? Yes! But the problem is that it’s about vampires. Not many, if any literary agents want to deal with another vampire series. You have so many of them out there. So, I call this my throw away series. I own all the rights to it. All I can do is work on being  a better writer for another series. But I love the characters from this series. It will be hard to write another series, when your heart is with one. I feel like I’m letting those characters down. Blame it on Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, and whatever else has to deal with vampires. The general public is maxed out on vampires. It’s even disheartening when literary agents state this in big black bold letters: NO VAMPIRES, ANGELS, OR FAIRIES PLEASE! That really hurts to see literary agents post that. There goes my entire series! And I’ve been working on this for years. I keep hoping that they will stop producing movies and shows with vampires. That way they could ask for vampires again in the future. I don’t see that happening. Not unless you’re Anne Rice or Bram Stoker. So, I’ll post this series on Wattpad and work on a few other series. One is an erotic-comedy (under a pen name), one is a high-fantasy series, one is a sci-fi series, and that’s about it. I have ten stand-alone novels that I plan on writing about. One is in horror, three are historical romances, one is a western-comedy, two are contemporary romances, and a middle-grade novel. I may work on a middle-grade series. None of my future series will be like this one or have this many novels in one series. I would say about three books each. Those I’ll query a literary agent except for my erotic comedy. That one will be self-published. Mainly because it’s really crude. But nobody will be able to tell it’s me that wrote it.

I plan on writing and keep writing. I need to improve my skill. Mr. Stephen King gave out good advice. To become a better writer, you have to read books. You don’t want a surgeon working on you, if they aren’t educated or trained. The same applies to writers. I want to be pinged for my story and not my writing ability.



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