New Updates

I’m going ahead and re-releasing book 1. Fuck it! I should be proud of my book and nobody is going to tell me any different. Silencing my characters is something I don’t want to do. I have a new book cover for book 1. It’s done by a professional. I won’t have characters on the front covers. Instead, it will be a unique symbol-like that represents my entire series. It’s easy and I love the work my new cover artist has done for my book. Eventually, the entire series will be sold as a unique quality of work for the whole world to see.

I’m in the game. I can dish it out but not take it? Fuck that! I’m putting my gold balls back in their place and putting my books out there. Why? Because, I can. There are no rules with publishing a book. Either it sinks or it floats. Either way, I’m still going to write and distribute my books. I worked my ass off and it needs to show.

I don’t care what veteran authors say. I am a veteran author. Don’t lump me in the newbie category. I have left some serious negative reviews and I expect those authors to come at me. Do I care? Nope! I’m taking the high road and keeping my dignity in check.

  1. No, I won’t swap for reviews.
  2. No, I won’t have my family members give out bloated five-star reviews. Majority of my family members are conservatives. This is a very moderate-leaning series. One book may shift to the conservative side and the other may shift to the liberal side. Smoke on that.
  3. No, I won’t pay for reviews. I’m better than that.
  4. No, I won’t participate in Netgalley reviews.
  5. No… I won’t torture my reviewers like other authors have done in the past.


“Frankly, my dear… I don’t give a damn!” I’m going to continue to write whatever the fuck, I want. Either people jump on board or they don’t. I’m still going to bust my ass off with marketing and writing. I’m still going to be me. And I’m lucky enough to have a family, who will back me no matter what. I still have my day job and I will work my ass off everyday at my outside job in manufacturing. I will lead by example. Yes, you can go through major shit, both physically and emotionally, but you can still turn your life around. It’s not the end of the road for me. I will still read and write books. That’s what I’m made of. I’m tougher than that shit, I posted. My head is back on straight and it’s time to play the game. Those reviews are irrelevant to me. My family and my form of God, are the only ones who can judge me.

I don’t expect the world to owe me a damn thing. I’m sassy, smart, and have killer boobs. I’m a tough broad and I can take it. Being scared… I’m giving them the power. No… I’m taking my power back and I’m going to live to the fullest. I’m going to be graceful, kind, generous, and humble. That’s the kind of person, I want to be. Myself and love myself for a change. I have faults and I’m not perfect.

Yes, I’m putting up! Let’s go, Rocky!


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