Why Didn’t I March?

This will go around and I need to clear my head on why, I refused to join in the march for women…

  1. Until we can accept ALL women’s opinions and beliefs. Whether they are a conservative, moderate, or liberal.
  2. Until we can stop slut-shaming each other in the comments.
  3. Until we can stop criticizing other women for their weight or height on both sides.
  4. Until we can stop our jealousy towards other women.
  5. Until we can stop having these “mommy” wars. The whole stay-at-home vs work-outside-the-home thing.
  6. Until we can stop condemning each other for things we’ve done to ourselves.
  7. Until we can stop berating each other for our choices in jobs… For example: Stripping and other things of an adult nature.
  8. Until we can stop the hypocrisy.
  9. Until we can respect each other for the way we voted.
  10. Until we can stop falsely accusing men of rape.
  11. Until we recognize that men will lose in a custody battles over women.
  12. Until we can stop using our children as pawns or weapons in warfare.
  13. Until we recognize that minorities of the same gender are actually paid less than the ones who are white.

Until you can end the hypocrisy, I won’t join in on your little marches. Do I believe the government should have control over my body? Nope. But at the same time, who has the voice for the unborn? What if the unborn would have been a woman? When you become a moderate, you see the real issues from both sides.

We’re all for women’s rights… except for THOSE women. “Those women are not us!” I’m sorry, but that’s hypocrisy at its finest. You for ALL women, but not THOSE women. THOSE women who voted for Trump. THOSE women who have a different set of values. THOSE women who love and support their husbands. THOSE women who have children. THOSE women who don’t look like or act like you. THOSE women who chose a certain religion over others. You dismiss them and make their opinions are invalid. All for the sake of feminism. Feminism was created for ALL women. The new wave of feminism isn’t something special.

And furthermore, I won’t degrade a man to better myself. I won’t use my assets against a man to improve my quality of life. I vote to lift each other up, regardless of sex or race. And yes, women are guilty of sexism too. Just post an alluring picture of a famous male actor and watch the women flock to it; saying degrading things. You don’t want men to degrade you or make sexist comments towards you, but you make them towards actors all the time. Hot buff men without their shirts on… watch the comment section. Their actual brains are dismissed, but we drool over their physicality. It doesn’t make sense to me. Forget that he’s a talented actor… you’re busy making some sexist remarks as a woman. But when men make sexist comments about actresses, it becomes a different ballgame. They are often called out for doing the same thing, more so than the women. Hypocrisy much?

And what about transsexuals or gender fluency? The same group that touts gender fluency is having a march for their own gender identity, but not for gender fluency. Huh? That means there are only two sexes in this world; men and women. You’ve left those that don’t identify with either, far behind. There’s your hypocrisy.

No, you’re not less of a woman if you voted for Clinton or Trump. You’re not less of a woman for having different values, religious/lack of religious beliefs, job titles, or being a mother/not a mother. You’re not less of a woman if you’re overweight/underweight. You’re not less of a woman for beauty/lack of beauty. You’re not less of a woman for being intelligent/not intelligent. You’re not less of a woman for being wealthy/poor. You’re not less of a woman for your political beliefs.

There is only one game and it’s called life. Asking for equal pay across the board is one thing. Saying women aren’t women when they refuse to march or support your beliefs is another. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself. All this hate-filled agenda could die with you in a blink of an eye. I’d rather spend my days loving the people around me and not bear anger at strangers for my own plight. I’ll continue to work my ass off, and love the people around me. I worked today and received kisses from my kids. I’d rather spend my days improving my mental well-being, and my writing skills.


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