Facebook Vs. Twitter

We see them all the time. “Buy my book!” The Twitter feed is annoying. Over 5,000 authors, screaming the same shit. It isn’t working. Twitter is not your friend. Sure, anyone can make a tweet feed and send it out on automatic tweets. I used to play that game and it became challenging. Marketing your books is a good start, but not good enough.

If you haven’t started a Facebook Author page, you need it now. Like, yesterday. Even if you haven’t published a single book, get that shit started. Most of the people, I know are on Facebook. Anne Rice has a FB Author page, Stephen King, E.L. James, Stephenie Meyer, and shit… even William Shakespeare as a FB author page. Dead authors have FB author pages. Not to sound morbid or anything. Even William Shakespeare would be pimping out his shit on Facebook.

Facebook also gives you a chance to interact with your, gulp *fans*. I choose to use readers over *fans* that’s just a “me” thing. I’m a reader and read a ton of books. Having fans just doesn’t appeal to me. It seems strange and foreign. This is the quickest way to update your readers about the books. You can make it personal or keep it strictly business. I choose to keep mine personal. Why? Because these people are like family members to me. They opted to follow me and I love them dearly. They didn’t have to waste their busy schedules to follow an ass like me. I do love them and I can’t say enough about how awesome people are. If you’re shy or have anxiety, this helps you deal with anxiety. I also opted to be completely transparent with my audience. I tell them everything and refuse to lie to them.

Facebook also gives you that option of running ads for a cheap price. For $5.00, you can market your books to a certain group of people who are interested in the same characters from similar series. How do you think Helen Hardt became so popular? She targeted an audience that follows Fifty Shades. If your books are about sci-fi, horror, fantasy, or any other genre, you can target that audience.

Even though I don’t want to be compared to Dracula, Twilight, Interview With A Vampire, Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood), or other vampire series, I need to tailor my ads to those people. I also need to target an audience that’s into epic sagas. Since I have erotic elements, I need to target the Fifty Shades group.

If you haven’t started a Facebook Author page, you might want to rethink your game. I highly suggest all authors to have a Facebook Author page. Just be honest with people. They appreciate honesty vs. lying. Link it to people. It’s easy and hopefully, people can navigate Facebook these days.

Here’s a link to Robert Bevan’s Blog about Facebook Ads. Use it to your advantage to maximize the potential revenue you have yet to explore.This is vital to self-published authors.


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